ShadowView Brewing gets its name from an ancient Celtic festival, Imbolc, that was celebrated on February 1 to mark the beginning of spring.  The holiday, halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, involved watching the weather to try and predict the rest of the year. Sunny, shadow-making weather was considered a bad omen, as it meant the crone Cailleach was out gathering firewood for a long winter; but cloudy weather – the type that would keep Woodstock Willy from seeing his shadow – meant Cailleach was staying in, and the winter would soon end.

Brothers John and Mark Koziol have brought the spirit of this rich heritage and the traditional Irish Pub to Woodstock, a gathering place to meet friends, old and new, and enjoy a locally crafted beer.

Head brewer Mark has been a part of craft-brewing 30 years.

“I started out with a kit I got from somebody in 1988,” he said. “We used pickle buckets in a bathtub and stored it in mason jars. … It tasted quite different from what we were used to drinking, but what we didn’t realize was that this was early craft beer. You find as the popularity of craft beer grows, people have a real desire for variety, instead of like in the old days where you were a Miller guy or a Bud guy. Now people are saying, ‘What have you got to try?’”
– Mark Koziol


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